Legacy Products
The resources associated with these products have ceased their development and are no longer supported.
D-Link Systems, Inc. recommends retiring these products and replacing them with products that receive firmware updates.
How do I connect my iPad to my range extender?

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon on your iPad.



Step 2: Open the Wi-Fi menu. If Wi-Fi is off, turn it on.



Step 3: Select the wireless network you want to connect to by tapping the network name.



Step 4: If you have a Wi-Fi password configured on your extender, enter the password and tap Join.



Step 5: You are now connected to the wireless network.



Step 6: Ensure that the iPad has received an IP address from the network, Tap the blue arrow next to the network name to bring up the network settings. An Ip address will be displayed to indicate a successful connection.