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How do I set the manual time for the year 2020 and later on my camera?

Several cameras are unable to set up the year beyond 2020. If you use the NTP server option, this will solve the issue. If you prefer to use manual setup or unable to use NTP server, you can use the time sync tool that could set up the time and date by going through the NIPCA protocol. You will just need to fill-in the camera's IP and login credentials, and then apply the sync the time. The software will sync the correct time and date from the PC to camera. 


Sync Tool Download (for Windows only)


Note: If you use the following models, please enable DCS Authentication Option:

  • DCS-4602EV RevB
  • DCS-4605EV RevA
  • DCS-4625 RevA
  • DCS-4633EV RevA
  • DCS-6511 RevB
  • DCS-6517 RevB
  • DCS-7513 RevB
  • DCS-7517 RevB


Step 1: Launch the sync tool. Type in the camera's IP Address/Port, or click Discovery to search for the camera in the local network and select the camera from the list.


Step 2: Enter the User Name and Password for the camera.


Step 3: Click Connect to connect to the camera. After successfully connected, system information will be populated.


Step 4: In the dialog box, click Sync system time to camera to sync the camera's time with the PC's system time.