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How do I setup website filtering on my router?


Note: Website filtering cannot be applied to specific devices only. Website filtering will apply to the entire network. Also this filter only blocks HTTP. It does not block HTTPS sites.


Step 1: Open an your internet browser and enter http://dlinkrouter.local. or into the address bar.





Step 2: Enter the password for your Admin account in the field provided. If you have not changed this password from the default, leave the field blank. Click Log In.





Step 3: Move the cursor to the Features tab and then click Website Filter from the drop-down menu.





Step 4: Click Add Rule.





Step 5: Add your desired website(s) to block and click Save.

   Note: You cannot block Secure HTTP (HTTPs) websites. 





Step 6: Your website(s) are now blocked.






Congratulations you have successfully Configure website filter for your router.