Legacy Products
The resources associated with these products have ceased their development and are no longer supported.
D-Link Systems, Inc. recommends retiring these products and replacing them with products that receive firmware updates.
What must be done to manage a DFL-210, DFL-800, or DFL-1600 using SNMP.

Step 1: First log into your DFL by visiting its LAN IP in your web browser of choice. The default IP is, the default username is admin and the default password is admin.

Step 2: Please click System->Remote Management

Step 3: Click Advanced Settings and check the box labeled "SNMP Before Rules", then choose the "Ok" button.

Step 4: Then click Add->SNMP management, please enter in a name of your choice and the SNMP read community you wish to use. Also select the Interface and Networks SNMP should be accessible from.

Step 5: Now lets save our changes by choosing Configuration->Save and Activate

Now we need to walk our DFL with the SNMP management suite of your choice, we recommend the use of D-View 6.0, and will use it for this example.

Step 6: Start D-View, it will ask for a username and password, the default username is admin and the default password is 111111.

Step 7: Open MIB Compiler by choosing NetTools->MIB Tools->MIB Compiler from the top menu.

Step 8: Enter DFL's IP in the box where is says "Browse Agent IP".

Step 9: Change Querier Options by clicking the button that looks like a hammer in front of a window next to the DFL's IP and ensure that all of your settings are correct.

Step 10: Walk MIB by opening any of the standard MIBs on the left hand side and right clicking on any property of that MIB and choosing Get Walk.