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How do I open a range of ports on my DI series router?

Step 1 Open your web browser and enter the IP address of your D-Link router ( Enter username (admin) and your password (blank by default).

Step 2 Click on the Advanced tab at the top and then click Firewall on the left side.

Step 3 Click on Enabled and type in a name for the new rule.

Step 4 Choose WAN as the Source and enter a range of IP addresses out on the internet that you would like this rule applied to. If you would like this rule to allow all internet users to be able to access these ports, then put an Asterisk in the first box and leave the second box empty.

Step 5 Select LAN as the Destination and enter the IP address of the computer on your local network that you want to allow the incoming service to. This will not work with a range of IP addresses.

Step 6 Enter the port or range of ports that are required to be open for the incoming service.

Step 7 Select Always for the Schedule or specify a range of Day and time that you would like this rule to be active.

Step 8 Click Apply and then click Continue.

Because our routers use NAT (Network Address Translation), you can only open a specific port to one computer at a time. For example: If you have 2 web servers on your network, you cannot open port 80 to both computers. You will need to configure 1 of the web servers to use port 81. Now you can open port 80 to the first computer and then open port 81 to the other computer.