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How do I configure my DNS-1200-05 to connect to my Active Directory?

Step 1: Log into your DNS-1200-05. The Default username is admin and the password is password

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Step 2: Click on System Management and then Network

Step 3: Set your Primary DNS address to point to your Active Directory server

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Step 4: Click on Time and Date and set the time and date to match with what your Active Directory servers Time and date settings.

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Step 5: Click on Network Services and then on File Sharing and make sure that CIFS is enabled.

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Step 6: Click on CIFS and Enter your Active Directory information

Username: <Username of an administrator user and password> e.g. Administrator

Workgroup: The workgroup the AD/Windows server is associated with

Realm Name: <Realm name of AD/Windows Server>

AD Server Name: <Active Directory Server name>

DNS1: <IP of your Active Directory/Windows Server>

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Step 7: Click on Apply

The DNS-1200-05 should now successfully be connected to your Active Directory

Step 8: Click on Account management and then click on Users and select Domain users from the drop down menu

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