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How do I mount my camera to the wall or ceiling?

Step 1:  The camera needs to be removed to expose the holes in the mounting base. Unscrew the camera head from the mounting base by turning it counterclockwise.




Step 2: Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the base cover from the mounting base. Place the mounting base where you want to position the camera and use a pencil to mark the holes.




Step 3: Depending on the material of the wall or ceiling, use proper tools to drill two holes where you marked. If the wall is made out of concrete, drill the holes first, then insert the plastic anchors to support the screws.




Step 4: Place the mounting base over the holes that are in the wall or ceiling. Make sure to align the mounting base holes with the holes in the wall or ceiling. Use the supplied screws to attach the mounting base to the surface of the wall.




Step 5: Place the base cover back on to the base. Make sure to align the base cover notch, with the mounting base for future removal. Afterwards, reattach the camera head onto the mounting base.




Step 6: Adjust the angle of the camera as desired, then tighten the collar on the camera stem to lock it in place.