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Why am I seeing my device multiple times in the device list in the D-Link Wi-Fi app?

Devices running Windows 10, Android 10 and iOS 14 or later have a security feature that randomly changes their MAC addresses when connecting to a network. This feature MAC address randomization is enabled by default on Android 10 and iOS14 devices.


The D-Link Wi-Fi app uses MAC addresses to communicate with connected client devices. If your client device is assigned a new MAC address, that device will appear as a newly connected device. Due to MAC address randomization, parental control features may not work. To stop using MAC address randomization, please refer to the steps below:


To disable MAC randomization on Android 10:

1. Launch the Android Settings app.

2. Tap Network and Internet.

3. Select Wi-Fi.

4. Tap the gear icon next to your home WiFi connection.

5. Select Advanced.

6. Select Privacy.

7. Select Use device MAC.


To disable MAC randomization (private addresses) on iOS 14:

1. Launch the iOS Settings app.

2. Tap Wi-Fi.

3. Tap the information icon next to your home WiFi connection.

4. Toggle the Use Private Address feature on.