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The resources associated with these products have ceased their development and are no longer supported.
D-Link Systems, Inc. recommends retiring these products and replacing them with products that receive firmware updates.
How do I set up sound detection on my camera using the mydlink Lite app?

Step 1: Open the mydlink Lite app on your device. 


Step 2: Once logged in, select the camera you want to configure.



Step 3: From the Live View screen, tap the Main Features icon (3 dots in the upper right).



Step 4: Tap Settings.



Step 5: Tap Sound Detection.



Step 6: Tap Enable Sound Detection to Enable and then tap Detection Level.



Step 7: Slide the level up or down to the minimum sound level you want to trigger a notification.



Step 8: Tap < in the upper left to go back (iOS) or press the back button on your Android phone. 


Step 9: If you want to record video when motion is detected, tap Recording by Sound Detection to set to On. Tap Apply at the bottom to save your settings.