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How do I change the Management IP address of my DSN-6000 Series SAN?

To change the management  IP address of your 6000 series SAN storage box, plese follow the steps below:


Step 1. Open your browser and type the IP address of your Storage Box ( is the default SAN IP address)


Step 2. Enter the default username “admin” and password ( “123456” is the default password to login into the SAN)


Step 3. Click on System Configuration




Step 4. Click on Network Settings and select the appropriate address option


Step 5. To setup static IP, enter the IP address, Subnet mask, gateway, DNS address


Step 6. Specify the http, https and SSH ports that you intend to use


Step 7. Click on Confirm to save the settings.



You should now be able to go to the new assigned IP address and login to your SAN storage box.