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How do I restore my RAID1 settings if a drive has failed on my DNS-320/321/323/325?

Note: If a RAID1 drive has failed, the DNS-320/321/323/325 Series ShareCenter will display the HDD LED light, of the corresponding drive, in Amber and you will receive an email from the DNS-320/321/323/325 stating a drive has failed if this option has been configured

If this happens, follow these steps to restore the RAID1 settings:

Step 1: Power down the ShareCenter

Step 2: Remove the failed drive from the ShareCenter

Step 3: Insert the new drive into the ShareCenter

Note: The new drive Should be blank with no partition on the drive The drive may still be detected and prompt to format if formatted in NTFS

Step 4: Power on the ShareCenter

Step 5: After a minute log into the ShareCenter web interface

Step 6: You will be prompt to format and resync on entry, click OK

Note: Formatting a hard drive will erase the data stored on the hard drive. Please backup important data before formatting a hard drive

Note: This action will format the replaced drive only and sync the two hard drives in RAID1

Step 7: Wait for format and resync to complete. The ShareCenter is now ready for use